Weekend Warrior


Adding a part-time sport to your life brings so many positive benefits. And it’s a lot easier than you think! Lyndsay Anderson takes us on an exciting tour of all the great active hobbies anyone can get into. From rock climbing to surfing, Lyndsay gives us a firsthand look into […]

Jumping The Apex


The Halifax Harbour Grudges have seen better days. Their roster is depleted and their leadership has changed. But they face their toughest season yet as they finally get the chance to compete on the international track. Can they maintain their small-town charm while evolving into a world-class roller derby team?

Noon Gun


Noon Gun tackles one of the most important issues facing North America today – the biased treatment of Black men by police. Exploring time and perspective, filmmaker Caley MacLennan tells a non-linear story of one dramatic incident experienced by several characters, each with their own unique take on what happened. […]